NO1 Grip 48 Series Standard


  • Weight: 48 grams (±1g)
  • Hardness: 40 degrees
  • Type: Straight
  • Thickness: Thick
  • Firmness: Soft
  • 48 Series (Black/White)
  • 48 Series (White/Black)
  • 48 Series (Red/Black)
  • 48 Series (Soda Blue)
  • 48 Series (Soda/White)
  • 48 Series (Navy/Yellow)
  • 48 Series (Royal /White
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  • Consistent Thickness: Unlike traditional grips that taper from the base to the tip, the NO1 Grip 48 Series Soft maintains a uniform thickness throughout. This design provides a consistent feel and helps prevent unwanted hand movement, particularly for players looking to reduce the rotation of their right hand.
  • Comfortable Softness: With a hardness rating of 40 degrees, this grip offers a soft, cushioned feel. The softness helps absorb shock, providing a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue over long playing sessions.
  • Robust Weight: Weighing 48 grams (±1g), this grip provides a solid feel without being overly heavy. The added weight can help improve control and stability, making it easier to achieve precise shots.
  • Straight Type: The straight design ensures that the grip maintains the same diameter along its entire length. This uniformity supports consistent hand placement and pressure, which is crucial for maintaining proper technique.
  • Thicker Diameter: The NO1 Grip 48 Series Soft features a thicker diameter, catering to players who prefer a more substantial grip. The increased thickness provides a secure and comfortable hold, enhancing control and confidence.
  • Color Options: Available in five vibrant colors, you can select the one that best suits your style and preferences.

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48 Series (Black/White), 48 Series (White/Black), 48 Series (Red/Black), 48 Series (Soda Blue), 48 Series (Soda/White), 48 Series (Navy/Yellow), 48 Series (Royal /White

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