Super Stroke Zenergy SS2R Square Putter Grip


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OPTIONAL: Weight Insert and Ball Pickup Accessory available as Add-on items (additional costs apply)


  • Revolutionary square profile grip
  • Parallel technology for players who prefer to putt with opposing palms
  • Medium density plus (+) sign surface texture
  • Compatible with Super Stroke weight insert (sold separately)
  • High-tech PU construction for enhanced feel
  • Available Colors: Black
    Material High-tech polymer
    Core Size 58 Round
    Weight 100g
    Outside Diameter Standard (1.07″ Square profile)
    Length 10.5 Inch


The SS2R Squared has a unique 1″ square profile for players who prefer opposing hand placement.

Heavier than most SuperStroke putter grips at 109 grams, the SS2R Squared provides additional back-weighting and pairs well with heavier putter heads.

CounterCore weight is not included with the grip but may be added separately.


Introducing Zenergy, SuperStroke’s new line of putter grips featuring enhanced Spyne technology, new multi-zone texturing, and our patented no-taper shape for unmatched confidence to quiet your hands – and your mind. Features Include:

  • Enhanced Spyne™ Technology – The new Spyne™ Technology has an improved, embossed ridge along the underside of the grip, engineered to make it easier to square the face at impact.
  • New Multi-Zone Texturing – Strategically placed textured in high-sensory areas designed to optimize feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer.
  • No Taper Technology – Our patented No Taper minimizes grip pressure with an advanced parallel design that enables golfers to quiet their hands and add consistency to their stroke.
  • Tech-Port – Located at the top of SuperStroke grips, Tech-Port allows golfers to easily add game-improvement options including the patented CounterCore weight system and performance tracking sensors

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