NO1 Grip 43 Series Soft Undersize


Available: Ribbed Only
• Material: Elastomer
• Weight: 43g (±1g)
• Size: Undersize

  • 43 Series (Black/White)
  • 43 Series (Purple)
  • 43 Series (Sock Pink)
  • 43 Series (Red/Black)
  • 43 Series (Whit/Pink)
  • 43 Series (Tiffany/White)
  • 43 Series (Royal/White)
  • 43 Series (Navy/White)


  • Wide Color Selection: Available in 11 vibrant colors, the NO1 Grip 43 Series Soft allows you to personalize your gear with a style that suits you best.
  • Optimized Weight: With a weight of 43 grams (±1g), this grip strikes a perfect balance, providing enough heft for stability without feeling heavy. It’s ideal for players who want a consistent, controlled feel in their hands.
  • Soft Hardness Rating: Featuring a softness of 40 degrees, this grip offers a comfortable, cushioned feel that absorbs shock and reduces hand fatigue. This makes it perfect for extended play sessions and training.
  • Straight Type: The straight design ensures an even thickness along the entire length of the grip, promoting a natural and comfortable hand placement. This consistency helps in maintaining proper technique and control.
  • Standard Thickness: The NO1 Grip 43 Series Soft has a standard diameter, making it a versatile option that fits comfortably in most hands. This thickness is designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip for a wide range of players.
  • Flexible Firmness: With a softer feel, this grip is especially beneficial for players who prefer a more forgiving touch, enhancing comfort without sacrificing control.

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43 Series (Black/White), 43 Series (Purple), 43 Series (Sock Pink), 43 Series (Red/Black), 43 Series (Whit/Pink), 43 Series (Tiffany/White), 43 Series (Royal/White), 43 Series (Navy/White)

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