Super Stroke “Off the Truck” Zenergy 1.0P 17″ Putter Grips



  • Tapered long 17″ putter grip
  • Medium density plus (+) sign surface texture
  • Moderate flat top with round profile
  • Enhances pendulum putting stroke
  • White / Black
  • White / Red

Developed with direct feedback from Tour players, the Zenergy 1.0P 17” grip is an extended length offering with a unique shape characterized by a larger, flat front section and a tapered, slimmer back section. This design promotes consistent hand placement and grip pressure which contributes to improved putting performance. 

At 3.6 inches longer than the standard grip, the 1.0P 17” grip provides counterbalance which gives your putter a more stable and controlled feel. The longer length also makes the 1.0P 17” grip compatible with an armlock and claw putter grip style. 

Please Note: This putter grip does not come with a Tech-Port and cannot house a CounterCore Weight.  

Introducing Zenergy, SuperStroke’s new line of putter grips featuring enhanced SPYNE™ Technology, new multi-zone texturing, and our patented no-taper shape for unmatched confidence to quiet your hands – and your mind. Features Include:

Enhanced SPYNE™ Technology – The new SPYNE™ Technology has an improved, embossed ridge along the underside of the grip, engineered to make it easier to square the face at impact.

New Multi-Zone Texturing – Strategically placed textured in high-sensory areas designed to optimize feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer.

*1.0P 17” Putter Grip does not come with a Tech-Port and is not CounterCore equipped.

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White / Black, White / Red

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