Lamkin Deep Etched Sink Fit Putter Grip Standard



  • Medium firm putter grip
  • Microtexture + Tacky rubber feel
  • Fingerprint Technology
  • Deep etched horizontal and v-shape patterns
  • Wider paddle shape top with oval bottom
  • Green
  • Blue

Deep Etched Sink Fit is designed for golfers who prioritize advanced design, material and textural technology, and enthusiasts who admire and seek shape preferences used by the best players in the world. This Tour-inspired paddle design encourages the highest level of clubface stability and connection, resulting in a more relaxed, tension-free putting stroke.

Genesis material offers responsiveness and durability in all weather conditions. Fingerprint technology with micro-texture pattern provides enhanced feel and traction.

  • Deep etched pattern provides excellent grip stability and traction
  • Firmer rubber material enhances putting feel
  • Made from a highly durable synthetic rubber compound, built to last round after round

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Green, Blue

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