Brush T Pro MultiPack Assortment

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Pro Combo 4 Pack, Premium Plastic Golf Tees | 3 Wood, Driver, Oversize, XLT

4 golf tees per pack (1 per size)


  • XLT: 3.125″
  • Oversize: 2.4″
  • Driver: 2.2″
  • Wood: 2”

Colors available: Multi

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Pro Combo 4 Pack, Premium Plastic Golf Tees | 3 Wood, Driver, Oversize, XLT

This comprehensive set covers every spot on the course, and includes every brush-T model: 3 Wood, Driver, Oversize, and XLT.

FRICTION REDUCING BRISTLES. this innovative design uses synthetic bristles to cradle the golf ball as though its resting on grass. The bristles help remove one variable to allow your golf swing to feel nearly frictionless.

DURABLE PLASTIC TEE. every brush-t is made using a premium polymer plastic that is virtually unbreakable. And because the ball is driven off of flexible bristles it further reduces the risk of breaking from high impact.

IMPROVED ACCURACY. the brush-t has been proven to decrease ~2% of left or right deflection* leading to greater accuracy and straighter drives.

MORE CONSISTENT. consistency is the key to a quality golf swing. The brush-t is inserted into the ground at the same height every time to minimize variables and have you worrying less about inconsistent tee height and focusing on your swing instead.

CONFORMS TO THE USGA AND R&A RULES OF GOLF. think the brush-t constitutes an unfair advantage? It doesn’t. Can it be used in tournaments? Yes! The brush-t is permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf and R&A Rulings.

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